Windows Management console list

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AD Domains and Trusts domain.msc Active Directory Management admgmt.msc AD Sites and Services dssite.msc AD Users and Computers dsa.msc ADSI Edit adsiedit.msc Authorization manager azman.msc Certification Authority Management certsrv.msc Certificate Templates certtmpl.msc Cluster Administrator cluadmin.exe Computer Management compmgmt.msc Component Services comexp.msc Configure Your Server cys.exe Device Manager devmgmt.msc DHCP Management dhcpmgmt.msc Disk Defragmenter dfrg.msc Disk […]

PDFtk server

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  Build PDFtk Server You can compile PDFtk Server from its source code. PDFtk Server is known to compile and run on Debian, Ubuntu Linux, FreeBSD, Slackware Linux, SuSE, Solaris and HP-UX. Download and unpack: (~2MB) Review the pdftk license information in: license_gpl_pdftk/readme.txt. Review the Makefile provided for your platform and confim that TOOLPATH […]

Useful terminal commands in Ubuntu

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INSTALL COMMAND-LINE INTERFACE (CLI) SOFTWARESome of the commands listed below are not available in Ubuntu or Debian by default. To install the remaining CLI software, download the installation script, open your terminal, and execute it: bash 1. ESSENTIAL COMMANDS Navigation: pwd, ls, cd folder (folders are case sensitive!), cd … File manipulation: cat, […]


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It allows for the execution of multiple shells in one terminal. Byobu now includes an enhanced profiles, convenient keybindings, configuration utilities, and toggle-able system status notifications. Invoke it simply with: byobu Now bring up the configuration menu. By default this is done by pressing the F9 key. This will allow you to: View the Help […]