User management in Ubuntu

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Show last user logins into the system lastlog | less Currently logged in users in the system who Add new user adduser username usergroupname (perl calling useradd) useradd username Delete user userdel username userdel -r username removing home directory deluser with /etc/deluser.conf (Debian and derivatives) deluser –remove-home    

Windows 10 Add better sendto functionality

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Adds multiple file send to functionality Create SendToMailRecipient.vbs somewhere executable with the code below Create a shortcut link to it Put the link in the directory opened with shell:sendto Option Explicit Dim objArgs, OutApp, oNameSpace, oInbox, oEmailItem, olMailItem Dim a, oAttachments, subjectStr, olFormatHTML olMailItem = 0 olFormatHTML = 2 Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments ‘gets paths […]