GNS3 file transfer to or from appliance in VM

The method described uses WinSCP

  • Install SCP client if needed
  • Identify GNS3 VM url
  • You get the url, file path and user at VM opening

  • Open SCP connection to GNS3 VM
  • User: gns3 Password: gns3

  • Navigate to identify instance of appliance in /root/..
  • It is easy to identify the project files with the date of last modification. In this specific case, we are going to get a downloaded file from a router through Webterm (a docker containing Firefox that can be added to GNS3). You get the id of the instance of the object inside the project hovering over it in GNS3. The file is downloaded in a folder of the docker.

  • Modify permissions
  • Open docker file handler to modify permissions of root folder