Windows 10 annoyances

1. You can not map a network drive with different users on the same remote server.
Microsoft says “it is by design”. Why?. There is no clear answer… but there are no technical barriers.

2. Control Panel has disappeared.
But there is no substitute for many functionalities.

3. Selecting default app for a file extension
You can not add easily a more detailed command.

4. Unstoppable automatic updates
Microsoft has decided: if you have Windows Home, your system will be updated whatever your circumstances, you might defer it for a while, but that is all.
Additionally, your system will auto reboot at some point in the next 24 hours.
They do not realise the task you might be doing could be much more important than any security threat.

5. Cortana
It does by default whatever a genius has decided in each update. At least, you can disable it completely.
Additionally, you have to send to MS your private life for it to work.

6. Edge
It is simply not compatible with a lot of web pages.

7. Select all context menu option
Select all, has disappeared almost everywhere. The button is hidden in Office as a customization.

8. Initial crapware

9. Take out apps or utils, instead of adding new ones
Modems, DVD, Fax, etc. are out of fashion, there is no need for MS to update the software, but take it out…?

10. Difficult to set a local account.
Microsoft is trying to make local accounts a thing of the past and push all new Windows 10 users to a Microsoft account.
To create a local account during setup, you may have to disconnect the computer from the Internet

11. Sign in with a local account instead of a Microsoft account
They are really trying to hide how to do it. Unfortunately, this is giving a clue that in a future update iteration, it is going to dissppear, creating big additional problems for the end user.

12. Not stopping telemetry completely.
You just have the possibility of sending a Basic set.
Open the Task Scheduler. Modify the entry Microsoft/Windows/Application Experience/Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser to Disable.

13. Deciding how to see folders depending on content
Windows tries to be more intelligent than you on deciding how to see things on the file explorer

14. Right-button context menu functionality, changing on updates

15. More, more and more tasks running in the background.
No idea of what they are doing, they are possibly there for some reason, but MS and software companies are disconsiderate with resources.